Emmalin left behind her two wonderful parents and what would eventually become two younger siblings. Emmalin's little sister Adeline joined the family just a month shy of what would have been Emmalin's 1st birthday. Her baby brother, Elijah, joined the family about a month after what would have been her 4th birthday. Despite her lack of physical presence, Emmalin is still a large part of our family and is brought up on an almost daily basis. Her sister loves to talk about how Emmalin paints the sky (sunrises and sunsets) and always wants to eat her cake when Emmalin's birthday rolls around. Her baby brother is still a bit young, but already hears about his great big sister and the mountains she moved in life and continues to move in death.

All three of our children were premature and spent many weeks in the NICU. We will continue to be champions for NICU families and offer them the support we so desperately needed on our many NICU stays.